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Monday, December 19, 2011

Mention of Isteqhara in Hadith

Assalam oalaikum,
According to Hazrat Jabir Bin Abdullah Razi Allah Anha, our dear Prophet Mohammad (SAW) used to teach the method of performing an Isteqhara with the same earnestness with which he used to teach the verses from the Holy Quran.
Since an Isteqhara is a way of seeking guidance from Allah therefore Huzur (SAW) has described those people as unfortunate who do not follow this method to obtain guidance from Allah.
Hazrat Saad Bin Waqas Razi Allah had revealed a saying of our Prophet Mohammad (SAW) that “It is the righteousness of people to perform Isteqhara and their misfortune if they do not do so. Moreover, those people are fortunate who follow the guidance they get from Allah through an Isteqhara and the ones who disobey Allah’s guidance are considered to be unfortunate.
It has been mentioned in a Hadith that Prophet Mohammad (SAW) has said that the person who performs Isteqhara will never be unsuccessful. Moreover, such a righteous person may never have to repent about any of his actions.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Assalam-o-alikum I want istikhara for myself...
I am suffering from many problems as below mention

1) My health is not good, I am suffering from one disease (Fistula) from last 3 years, I am regular taking medicine but not getting fine.
2) I am not able to focus on my carrier ( I don't know why?).
3) I feel my will power is zero, ( I want to read namaz but somehow i escaped)

Please do the needful.
I believe after istikhara I will be fine, Insha Allah.

Anonymous said...


I would like istikhara done i have financial problems trying to buy house but problems me and my husband have fights all the time and i have no children if you can get back to me as soon as.


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