Monday, December 19, 2011

performing Isteqhara for marriage

Assalam oalikum,
Marriage is an important issue in our life. Hence, whenever a girl/boy decides to tie the knot with someone or if they get a marriage proposal, so an Isteqhara should be performed. Getting married to someone is a crucial decision in one’s life that can change our whole lives in a positive or a negative way, Therefore, taking this colossal step without seeking guidance from Allah would not be apt. There is a simple way of performing this Isteqhara.
This Isteqhara can be performed either by the girl or the boy or by the girl’s or boy’s mother.
The person performing the Isteqhara should sleep in a separate room at night where there is no disturbance.
The bed on which the person will be sleeping should be clean.
Perform wazuu.
Then read Durud Shareef (any one) 11 times, 33 times Surah Falaq and lastly 11 times Durud Shareef again.
In case of a girl, she should pray to Allah that “I have got a proposal from so and so (mention the boy’s and his mother’s name). Please let me know clearly in my dreams if this proposal would be suitable for me or not”.
In case of a boy a similar pray should be made to Allah that, “Please show me clearly in my dreams that the proposal that I have got from so and so (mention the girl and her mother’s name) would be apt for me or not.
After this one should go to sleep.

One may get an answer within a period of 3 days, Inshallah. If there is no sign in the dream within this period then this Isteqhara should be continued till 11 days.
Keep Me In Your Prayers
Amel Soname

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