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Monday, December 19, 2011

Sunnat method of doing an Isteqhara

Assalam oalaikum,
There is a simple way of doing Isteqhara in the Sunnat way. 2 rakat namaz nafil should be offered at a time which is proper for doing so, i.e. it is not the time of zawaal etc. The niyat should be that “Allah, I am facing so and so dilemma, so please show me the right way that would be better for me in the larger picture”.
When the namaz is complete then one should read the following prayer that Huzur (SAW) has taught us.

At bedtime face the Ka’aba and go to sleep without letting unnecessary thoughts enter into your mind. Inshallah, you will be enlightened about whatever you wish to know.
Analyzing the results:
If the decision that you want to be assessed is the right one for you then you may see something green or white in your dream. Or else you may have a constant feeling that what you are planning to do is right for you.
If your plan is not beneficial for you in the long run then you may see something red or black in your dream or else have a gut feeling that your plan will not work out.

If there is no such negative or positive sign in your dream then the right way is to repeat the Isteqhara till 7 times so that one can get the clues.

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